June 14, 2022

Welcome to CyberGunk

It's great to be here

So, I’ve finally completed all the assembly edits (though there’s still some bits to pick up and trimming to do), episode 1 is out!, episode 2 and 3 are at what I would consider the *minimum viable product.* So now it’s really just a case of polishing them up until I’m actually happy. But still, a lot to do. I’m hoping and praying I can get it done with a touch of time to spare.

I’ve big plans for the release of these episodes, which hopefully I can deliver on. Each episode page on the website should include some drafts and research, alongside a commentary track and a little bonus series on my process for putting together a series like this. I’ll love to increase my workload.

The Content

I’m really very happy with some of the bonus content I put out last month:

Dr. Strange 2 Review – Marvel Does Sam Raimi

Backdrops: Space Above Coruscant

I finished up this little devlog as I changed phases of production on this series.

cybergunk mini update – a wrap

cybergunk final update

And in the realm of stuff that didn’t fully turn out:

Star Wars: Scene by Scene

Backdrops: Padme’s Balcony (Night)

Unrelated whimsy

Outside of CyberGunk I’ve been doing more work on CyberGunk. As demonstrated by the fact that the only daft shit I think I’ve made this month is incredibly low effort and somehow involves me editing the series.

Mocking TikTok users by editing the series

Mocking the recently deceased by editing the series

Actually, I did mess around with some emulators and fix up a PS2. Check out FreeMcBoot or FunTuna if you want to be able to play any PS2/1 game on the console through an ethernet cable. ICO is really impressive though the forced combat was so tedious I think I’ve given up on it. And, I was blown away by how much DuckStation can enhance the graphics of those old games. Anyway,

Up Next


That’s it really. For the month. Otherwise, I think at some point I’ll try force myself to watch this Obi-Wan Kenobi show, and force myself to say something about that.


Caleb Gamman