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Good Evening, “the posts” was a 4 month sociological study conducted by Harvard University. We are now complete with our study. Thank you for your time.

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new BCNR gig just dropped. tried to get tickets for this but failed. anyway the versions of the new songs they played there are the best ones i’ve seen.

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serious question for anyone that isn’t british/has never lived in britain: have you ever heard this song before

at the very least have you ever heard its melody

mostly just trying to gauge cultural outreach

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caleb gamman stole my samman

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elongated treasure chest opening animation from zelda upon discovering a post idea

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I hear this Pentiment thing is pretty good

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watching the original westworld film and mesmerized by how little of a plot there actually is for what was pitched to me as a thriller. bizarre. as if it’s so in love with its Big Concept it doesn’t want plot to get in the way, until it’s obligated to in order to like, end.

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feeling like a having a wee post

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Hey, Caleb Gamman here. Just picked up a Steam Deck and wondering if anyone’s tried New Vegas on it, has a sense of how it works with the Gamman-Approved set of mods, etc. Looking forward to finally playing it!

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