December 20, 2021

Welcome, to Caleb Gamman

i don’t exactly have a shape for this yet.

But the main thing is while I’m churning out content, there’s somewhere to see what’s new.

The Content

Ranking David Lynch

If you’ve not seen them, I’ve just come off the back of my most hated videos yet, Ranking David Lynch.

a update

It’s an update

I don’t know if it’s worthwhile or interesting to share what I’ve been making lately, like an actual blog.

First firstmostly, this website. This incredible website.

As part of my yet-to-be-revealed upcoming docu-series-adjacent guy-talks-to-camera series Cybergunk, I did some digging into Patreon’s pricing model. And the results, were horrifying. Not really. But it was like, even though their plans start at a 5% take, when accounting for all the additional fees, the average is more like 20%. In the worst case scenario, including currency conversion/bank transfer/PayPal, it can actually climb up to around 40%.

Which is not ideal, monetarily, and also something that I might want to have a go at them for. So I figure, maybe not ideal to tie my wagon to them right now.

So instead I have been crafting this beutiful webzone. Still a work in progress, but the main thing was getting a watertight membership working.

Check out the neumorphic design, the custom fake embeds, a notification system, this post which converts into an email. All me baby ! Plus bootstrap and wordpress and stripe and plugins and code that some people far cleverer than me came up with.
So that’s been my focus this month.


My grandparents get really into Christmas decorating, which means for me it’s a season of fixing cheap electronics. Learnt how to solder broken PCB traces this year, one day I’ll actually learn how to do all that properly.

A couple of my presents, I made homebrew variants of a some oinkoink games; new scoring system, whiteboard-everything, tighter rules, cute little packets. Because apparently I’m made of time.

For wrapping I got some brown paper, and I thought I’d do a sort of brown paper/white pen gingerbready thing. But I found out almost immediately, you wrap some odd shapes in brown paper, and it does just look like a shitty parcel that you cheaped out on wrapping. And my white pen had dried up, and I had some boxes but all of them were too small. So I stopped, left the mess on the floor, and looked at that for a month.

Then on the eve of Christmas eve, I tapped into the absolute blackened depths of my soul. The art-and-crafts Pinterest, DIY Instagram, shadow of my psyche, and I got out a bit of watercolour paper and a craft knife. You should see me with a craft knife though. I’m fast as fuck.

I always like to put a bit of effort in with the wrapping, there’s something nice about making something to be destroyed. Also I can’t wrap for shit so some tacky adornments really draw the eye. But in the end I think everyone was so wowed by the wrapping, no one actually unwrapped theirs properly. A lot of lifting the lid and poking around. You win some I guess.

And I’ve been trying to wrap up work for the year, which I have not been fully successful in. I was hoping to have a clean run going into the new year but it looks like I’m going to be a busy boy for a bit.

Bonus Content

Fixing Revenge of the Sith: Long Version

A full-length version of my Fixing Revenge of the Sith series, working through the movie largely chronologically, and including 10-15 minutes of stuff that was completely, and probably unnecessarily, cut out of the original videos.

Backdrops Series: Episodes 1-3

A bit of a series on how I’ve done the backdrops for each video. These three focusing on the green screen backdrops of Fixing Attack of the Clones. TBC…

Mass Effect Andromeda

An extra bit which ended up cut from my Mass Effect: What Went Wrong video.

Dune (2021) Review

I enjoyed Dune, watch me backpedal.

Ranking David Lynch (Part -1)

The series proper ended up being a top 10, and this fills in my bottom 5 movies, making it a much more marketable “Every David Lynch Movie Ranked.” Which, really, I should have just committed to in the first place.

Upcoming Content

This week I’ve got ahead of myself for the first time ever, and I’ve got a best of 2021 video coming out on… I’m gonna say the 5th? And I wrote more than I needed so I’ve also got extra of that going up here. Backdrops will continue (rear projection baby! lonely games!). I’m actually away right now, but ideally once I’m back I can jump into this series, I kind of want to do a VFX breakdown for the Fixing Star Wars videos, and I might put together something to buy myself a bit of time… Deathloop vs Mooncrash? Cyberpunk 2077? Revisit a fix? Idk.

That’s that for now I think.

— Caleb Gamman