March 6, 2022

Content Churn

Gotta churn out that content

The Content

Ruining Boba Fett for You

I was not happy about this one at all going in. I thought it was a good idea to do, in terms of making some filler that people would want to see, but I basically had nothing, and a super tight turnaround.

But being Star Wars, it was pretty easy to road test a lot of it on my friends. Just being the worst. Pretending that we’re having a normal conversation while secretly running in content. Between that, my knee-jerk reactions to the show itself, and stealing some stuff from my series scripts; within a few days I was able to put together a coherent script.

So in the end it all came together. A little light on editing because I just ran out of time but, I think, one of the good ones. And it’s always great when a negative limitation (like making a cash-in video to hit a tentpole) creates something interesting and good.

Full VFX Breakdown – Attack of the Clones: Fixed

Exactly what it says it is. Face replacements, relighting, compositing, sky replacements. Bit of fun.

Full VFX Breakdown – Revenge of the Sith: Fixed

Same as before but fewer shots, with more effort put in. Full 3D, machine learning, advanced paint-outs.

Batman is Just Okay

I felt pretty good about this one going in. But man it did not come together. I feel like I was getting somewhere with it, but I’m not thrilled about the end result. It’s always a shame when a negative limitation (like making a cash-in video to hit a tentpole) creates something uninteresting and bad.

Every Batman Movie Ranked

A good, normal, bonus video. Completely unprepared off-the-cuff takes, but not bad I think.

The Churn

Here’s the bit where I write about some whimsical side-project I’ve been working on. I’ve been putting off writing this, because I’ve basically just been working. I had this idea that I would commit to releasing videos as my main thing, and through sheer force of will, my other commitments would ease off. Incredibly, that hasn’t worked at all. Barely got the Boba Fett and Batman videos out. You’ll notice Boba Fett is missing music, Batman is missing overlays. Not a stylistic choice. Still haven’t quite found the balance of just getting stuff out and working it over until I actually like it.

On the plus side, this month probably does represent the largest volume of content I’ve ever made for my own projects. Basically 4 hours of content. Some of it good, even.

The one bit of side-project whimsy that I have done is some writing and planning for what I expect will be *the most innovative gameplay video of all time.* But I’m not gonna get into that here. It’s not that interesting at this point. And, if I keep it to myself until it’s done, I’ll have more motivation to actually finish it. So I guess, look forward to *something* in a *few months.*

The Update

So I’m really trying to get into this series, but that’s gonna require a clean run. So first I’m catching up on actual work, ideally close off some contracts within the next couple weeks, and I’ll probably need to put up some more filler to buy me time (maybe something I’ve cut out of the series? Another tentpole? Dig up an old script?). I’ll put up a couple of backdrops videos, one more VFX tutorial for the Star Wars title crawl, a The Batman review, and then some. Basically the main channel stuff might be a little light this month, but bonuses should be coming out thick and fast.

Then, once the series is ready enough, I will make a pitch for it, and release scripts, update videos, test shoots, etc. on here.

You’ll see me soon.

— Caleb Gamman