April 6, 2022

Gearing Up


Pre-Release: CyberGunk Pitch

This is it, the big one, the one that makes content so light lately.

CyberGunk Update Video #1

A completely normal, regular update. Ideally we’ll get into more interesting detail as this goes

CyberGunk Update Video #2

On the fiddly bits and final touches before shooting episode one


A bit of filler

Backdrops 6

Backdrops. The hated backdrops

How to Star Wars Crawl – VFX Tutorial

By popular demand (1 reddit dm)

How to Write a Star Wars Crawl

And with no demand at all: content that would be of interest to me


As promised last time, I’ve almost exclusively been doing non-YouTube stuff as to clear my schedule enough to hyper-focus on this series. And now I’ve moved on to hyper-focusing on this series. So not a ton of time for misc. content, but I think I’ve managed to squeeze a fair bit in.

Now, what have I been doing outside of work and content creation?

I tried out a bit of that guardians of the galaxy game (middling) and weird west (unfortunately middling), and this “elders ring” that’s got all the people talking (wow!)

And, in a nightmare for everyone, I picked up the guitar. Didn’t get much further than that, but I did pick it up. Which is a fun little activity that I like to do so infrequently that I never made any real headway. It would in theory be nice to share some of that here, but I think I will relieve you of the burden of having to watch someone with no particular talent in the area play the guitar.

What’s Next?

The series.

There’s gonna be at least weekly series-related bonus content throughout, and I have some other misc. bits that I want to do which I can hopefully squeeze in. Otherwise this month it is probably just gonna be that pitch going live, and then 1-2 episodes as the series starts. So a bit of a weird one, but hopefully worth the wait.

Lets fucking go.

— Caleb Gamman