December 22, 2022


caleb gamman
"lets post"


@peepso_user_19(πŸ’š rvth πŸ’Ž)
keep thinking about that little dismissive "look at you" the 60 Minutes interviewer gives him with regards to his stock inflation. rectum-twisting comedy. he's such a fantastically perfect chode, it's incredible.
@peepso_user_19(πŸ’š rvth πŸ’Ž)
also yeah, video is pretty much everything i'd hoped for and more. makes for a great addendum and encapsulation of everything cybergunk talked about really. ik you've tried to crank it out a bit, but it really does not register much of the time all things considered. great stuf
What a joy - felt like if the Trueanon series on Elon was made into a perfect video - thrilled to be able to drop the South Africa emerald mine mic drop on my Tesla stockholding family members during the holiday season πŸŽ…πŸ»